2014 Winter Issue

The 2014 Winter Issue is finally here!

qmm 2014 winter


2014 Spring Issue


Get your free copy from the medschool student services desk or the stand by the entrance, as well as from your placement hospitals’ common rooms!

This issue features:
– Exclusive interview with Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies
– Amazing accounts of electives
– Best medical apps
and much more!

Featured competitions for both clinical and pre-clinical years can win you a book worth more than £20, so send your answers to queensmedicalmagazine@hotmail.com.

2014 Spring Issue

qmm 2014 spring

2014 New Issue

New year, new term… and a brand new issue of the QMM! Coming to you very soon, and including…

– the best of medical smartphone apps
– amazing accounts of the 4th years’ electives
– an exclusive interview with the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies
– review of the scientific news of 2013

and, of course, competitions for both pre-clinical and clinical years!

Look out for the free copies soon to appear in Medschool!

Get Writing!

We are now receiving articles for our winter 2013 issue! The topic is global health, but you can submit articles on other themes as well. These will be read by students and professors, so it’s a great chance to stand out and share something you found interesting!

Articles can be on any medically related topic that you think your peers would like to read about, such as interesting patient case you have seen in hospital, advice for other students, or how a book you recently read that could impact on healthcare.
Please submit all articles for consideration for the Winter 2013 edition by 31st October 2013. Email to queensmedicalmagazine@hotmail.com